Top 5 Questions about Invisible Braces

invisible braces If you’re looking to straighten your teeth, invisible braces may be a good fit. These clear retainers work similarly to traditional braces and gradually straighten your teeth. However, many patients have questions about invisible braces, so we’ve gathered the top five questions about invisible braces to help give you a good idea of what to expect before getting them.

Are They Effective?

Invisible braces are an effective way to shift your teeth over time gradually. They apply constant pressure, moving your teeth slowly. Each set of retainers is slightly different, allowing your teeth to shift into the new position as you adjust to the retainers. Invisible braces are as effective as traditional braces when used with certain kinds of bite alignments. For the average dental patient looking to improve their smile, invisible braces are safe and effective. 


Are Invisible Braces Cheaper than Traditional Braces?

While the initial cost of invisible braces can be higher than traditional braces, some benefits outweigh the cost. First, invisible braces are clear, meaning you cannot see them on your teeth. On top of this, since invisible braces do not bond to the surface of your teeth, it’s easier to maintain your oral hygiene routine, leading to fewer cavities and tartar than traditional braces. Invisible braces may cost slightly more than conventional braces, but for some patients, the benefits outweigh the extra cost. 


How Long Do Invisible Braces Last?

Invisible braces can take up to two years or more to shift your teeth. However, some patients finish treatment in six to twelve months. The length of treatment depends on how often you wear your clear retainers, the severity of bite misalignment, and the individual patient. Remember, you should always wear your invisible retainers unless you are eating, drinking a non-water beverage, or cleaning your teeth. The more you wear your retainers, the shorter your overall treatment time. 


What Are the Disadvantages of Invisible Braces?

Invisible braces can be more expensive than traditional braces. In addition, they can only be used on some patients, especially for more complex bite alignment issues. They are a good fit for adult patients but may pose challenges for teenage dental patients due to being able to remove the retainer. The most significant disadvantage of invisible braces is that they do not work for every bite alignment and may not be a good fit for severely misaligned teeth or hard palate issues. 


Are They Painful?

No, invisible braces are not painful. While you may experience soreness as your teeth shift with a new retainer, you should not feel constant pain with them, such as rubbing and pinching along the gums. If your invisible braces cause pain, contact your dentist to find out if you require remolding. 


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