Digital Dental X-Rays

Low-Radiation Dental X-rays in Valley Ranch, Irving, TX

Digital Dental X-Rays Valley Ranch Irving TX

We are all about patient convenience and safety at Coolbreeze Dentistry. This is why we offer advanced digital x-rays. These high-tech x-rays are superior to conventional radiographs in several ways.

Convenience: Digital x-rays are quicker for our patients. There is no developing time, and we can easily enhance areas of the digital picture for more information.

Accuracy: Our digital x-ray system allows us to search for problems and features of interest as well as plan future treatments. The images are invaluable for a number of procedures including cavity fillings, dental implants, and more.

Safety: Digital x-rays use up to 95% less radiation than conventional x-rays, enhancing patient safety. Additionally, digital x-rays systems are environmentally-friendly since they eliminate the need for film and caustic developing chemicals.

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