Do Clear Aligners Really Work for Teeth Straightening?

clear aligners


Clear aligners are a popular way to straighten teeth. In the 20 years since invisible aligners first came on the market, over 5 million patients had their smiles adjusted with clear aligners as of 2018, and that number has only grown over time. 


Compared with traditional orthodontia, clear aligners are easy to use, less painful overall, and produce results without compromising your smile. However, some patients wonder if clear aligners can straighten their teeth. Here, we discuss how invisible braces can help bite alignment and straighten your teeth, the average treatment time, and the disadvantages and advantages of invisible braces. 

Can Invisible Braces Straighten Teeth?

Invisible braces work similarly to traditional braces in that they apply steady pressure to move your teeth into place. However, with invisible braces or clear aligners, that pressure takes the form of clear retainers rather than wires and bands. 


Your orthodontist prepares several clear aligners in various stages to gradually shift your teeth over time. Because the process is gradual, and your dentist designs the aligners in advance, clear aligners may require fewer visits to your dentist in general and avoid the sudden pain of traditional braces after dental adjustments. 


How much Time Do Invisible Braces Take to Straighten Teeth?

Invisible braces take a year and a half to straighten your teeth at maximum. This treatment duration is much shorter than the estimated five years of treatment with traditional braces. Of course, this treatment duration depends on how well you follow your dentist’s instructions and the level of dental misalignment present.  


What Are the Disadvantages of Invisible Braces?

Invisible braces are not a good fit for patients with more severe alignment issues, as other forms of orthodontia may be necessary to treat things like palate issues, complex bite alignment, and more. In addition, invisible braces may be more expensive than traditional ones and are only a good fit for older teens and adults with all their adult teeth. 


What Are the Advantages of Invisible Braces?

There are many advantages to invisible braces. First, clear aligners are less visible than traditional braces and cause less gum irritation. With invisible aligners, you can remove the orthodontal devices when eating, allowing you to thoroughly clean your teeth without worrying about working around wires and bands. 

Invisible aligners may also require fewer dental visits. While invisible braces do not work for every patient, patients who hope to realign their smile in adulthood are nearly invisible and work faster than traditional braces. 


On top of this, since the aligners shift your teeth gradually, you’ll experience less dental discomfort overall than with traditional braces, as your teeth have time to adjust to the slight changes in alignment. 


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