How Affordable Extractions Can Be Cheaper Than Ignoring Dental Problems

affordable extractions Although some people fear going to the dentist for a checkup let alone a tooth extraction, it is often a wise decision to choose to remove a tooth rather than leaving the issue unattended. Leaving a dental issue to get worse will only lead to further pain, discomfort, and oral complications. You can dig yourself a deep hole if you avoid getting the issue seen by an oral health expert. Choosing to extract the tooth is often the more affordable option, rather than ignoring the issue altogether. 

How Much Does An Extraction Cost?

Now that you are learning more about why it is a better idea to extract a tooth than to leave it, you will likely be wondering how much a tooth removal costs. It is often cheaper than pushing your dental problems aside. A typical extraction is around $150 to $250. It will vary depending on the condition and position of the tooth. 


It is best to have health insurance if you want to attain an affordable price for an extraction. Without insurance, the price can skyrocket. 

What Happens If You Ignore Dental Problems?

Problems worsen

The most obvious thing to happen if you ignore dental problems is that the issue will become much worse. Although you might be dealing with slight pain and discomfort now, it will worsen over time. Plus, your issue will soon root deeper into your gums and jaw, which can cause further complications.

Irreversible damage

Should you leave your dental issue unattended for too long, then you might experience irreversible damage. Tooth decay can rot the teeth away to a bare minimum, which will leave you with gum and teeth complications that cannot be fixed.

Increased costs

affordable extractions The longer you leave your dental issues, the more expensive they will be. When more issues develop as a cause of poor oral health, then you will require more treatment. 


Lastly, it is common for an individual to experience gum or tooth infections when they do not attend to their dental problems. Infections can lead to complications as well as further discomfort. To avoid this, go to see a dental specialist as soon as possible to restore your oral health.

The Cost For Treatment When You Ignore Dental Problems

The price will be much higher to fix your oral health if you ignore your dental problems. There is no guaranteed cost as all cases are different. But, it will be much more expensive to fix the issues when they are left untreated. 


To ensure you keep your dental costs as lower as possible while keeping your oral health in check, it is always best to get your issues seen as soon as possible. If it means getting an extraction, then you will be better off financially and medically.


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