Dental Implants – Considering the Cost


With time and age, there is a possibility of losing teeth. However, with modern dental technologies, new and more advanced opportunities are coming up to restore your smile with the help of dental implants. But wait, what is a Dental Implant? Dental implants are placing an artificial tooth into the jaw bone as a replacement tooth. It can replace a single tooth or a series of teeth. The purpose of dental implants are to restore your teeth’s function properly and also give you a beautiful and confident smile.

Types Of Dental Implants

During a dental implant procedure, a titanium screw is surgically placed in your jawbone, which creates a stable foundation for your tooth restoration. Taking good care of your dental implant makes it last a lifetime, so choose your dental implant carefully. That leaves the question: what type of dental implant should you choose?

There are 2 types of dental implants: Endosteal Implants and  Subperiosteal Implants. Endosteal is the most common type of implant, which begins with first, drilling in to your jawbone to insert a titanium screw. This treatment can take a long time to heal. Subperiosteal Implants are not very often used today. This treatment is done in two sittings and is a far shorter treatment plan than the Endosteal Implant. There can be many alternatives depending upon the strength of your jawbone and your dental health condition.

Benefits Of Dental Implants

Without a doubt, dental implants have many benefits. Dental implants are a surgical fixture, placed into the jawbone. They act as a replacement tooth in place of a missing tooth. One of the benefits is giving you your look and smile back. It improves the quality of life and makes you look beautiful. It restores your ability to chew and keeps the other teeth and gums healthy. Dental implants also help in preventing the premature aging of the bones that happens after tooth loss. It is convenient and easy to clean and lasts for many days.

Encountering The Price Range

For many people, dental implants act as the best option, if they have damaged, broken, or unhealthy teeth. Before moving in this direction, it becomes important to look at the cost of dental implants. Different factors such as the number of teeth, the type of dental replacement, and crowning can often determine dental implant cost. Before going for the procedure, try to find out about the cost, materials, time to heal, and of course the dentist.

The cost of customized dental implants can vary for each individual based on the patient’s needs. Generally the dentists, after examining, give the total cost for the treatment. So it is important to have an accurate evaluation by an experienced dentist. Dental implants have a good long life, and pricing can reflect that. It can cost roughly between $3,000 to $4,500 per tooth, which estimates the final pricing between $60,000 to $90,000. But again, this is just an estimate, not the exact pricing, as the cost is determined from case to case. Don’t select a dentist on the basis of having a cheap cost for the procedure. These cheap dental implants may have poor implant products. This may force you to go to the dentist again and again. Make your decision by keeping long-term oral health in your mind.

Things to Consider Before You Get Your Implants

As the cost is on a higher-end and there are long-term benefits of the dental implants, nowadays a lot of insurance companies are providing good coverage. Before going for the dental implant, check with your insurance company about the coverage and other plans. Be sure to consider dental implants with a long-term perspective. Dental implants are a lifelong oral health matter. Check with your dentist and ask all the queries and doubts you have. Ask clearly about the procedure, healing time, and total cost for the dental implant.

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