Coolbreeze Dentistry

Tooth Extractions

At CoolBreeze Dentistry, our goal is to do everything we can to save your natural teeth. But extracting a troubled tooth is often the only option for protecting your overall oral health and sparing you from further discomfort in the future. 

Tooth extraction is a routine dental procedure that is performed to prevent complicated dental problems and to treat a number of illnesses. It’s important to preserve healthy tooth structure, and extracting a severely damaged tooth is often the best solution for protecting your oral health and sparing you from discomfort in the future. 

Reasons for Tooth Extraction

Several situations may occur that require removal of a tooth:

  • A crooked tooth is threatening the position of other healthy teeth.
  • A tooth is so decayed or broken that a root canal or other procedure is not sufficient to repair it.
  • We’re preparing for orthodontic treatment and need to remove some teeth for the best results.
  • A wisdom tooth has erupted in such a way that it compromises surrounding teeth.

Comfortable Sedation Options

Dr. Kainth has spent many years perfecting a gentle and compassionate approach to all dental treatments, especially one as frightening as tooth extraction. You can be confident that we will take all the steps necessary to ensure your complete comfort before we begin the procedure. We will make sure that the extraction site is completely numb, and if you have a particular problem with anxiety, we will be happy to talk to you about effective sedation methods that ease the process for you. 

Oral conscious sedation has a very calming effect, and you won’t “go to sleep,” but you will feel detached from the activity around you. You we knocked out, so you will still be able to communicate with our doctor to ensure your comfort throughout the procedure. 

Our team understands your concerns, and we’re here to provide you with all the support you need to relax during your procedure. 

Recovery from Tooth Extraction

We’re committed to educating you about all your options before we decide to remove a tooth. Extraction is typically performed using local anesthesia, and we’ll do everything to minimize your recovery time. 

Simple extractions have a relatively short recovery period. Prior to leaving our office, our staff will provide you with an after-care instruction list with tips to speed healing. We normally suggest a soft diet for the first few days after the procedure. Plan to eat soft foods like yogurt and soups that don't require chewing. Please don't smoke or drink through a straw. The sucking action increases the risk of bleeding and other complications.

Call to Get the Help You Need

If you’re concerned about the condition of your tooth please call us to schedule an examination. We offer emergency treatment, so please call our Irving dental office if you’re in pain so we can get you the relief you need.