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Preventative Care

While we do provide emergency dental services, we hope that you never need to use them! We prefer to help you stop potential problems before they start. Accordingly, at CoolBreeze Dentistry, we place an emphasis on thorough preventative care and maintenance. We believe that prevention starts with a dutiful at-home care regimen along with regular office visits.

Brushing and Flossing

Issues like tooth decay and gum disease can have a lasting effect on your oral health and overall wellness. Fortunately, our team makes preventative care easy. When you come in for your exam, we’ll evaluate your state of wellness and provide tips regarding how you can improve your routine. Of course, some of our key recommendations revolve around proper brushing and flossing.

The American Dental Association (ADA) recommends certain guidelines for proper brushing. You should brush your teeth twice daily – once in the morning and once before bed – for approximately two minutes per session. We recommend using a toothpaste with fluoride.

Choose a toothbrush with soft bristles and a head that is small enough to reach to the back of your mouth. When you’re done brushing, rinse your toothbrush thoroughly with water. Then, place it in a toothbrush holder where it will be allowed to dry between uses. In order to prevent the spread of germs, avoid letting your toothbrush touch other toothbrushes.

It is usually best to replace your toothbrush with a new one about every three months or when the bristles start to fray. An old, worn toothbrush may not remove debris from teeth effectively enough to promote health.

Flossing is equally important for the health of your mouth. Proper flossing can remove small particles of food from between your teeth that would otherwise remain after brushing.

Dr. Kainth and your dental hygienist at CoolBreeze dentistry can show you proper techniques for brushing and flossing. We can also recommend the best products – including ADA-approved mouthwashes, toothbrushes, and toothpastes – to help keep your mouth healthy.

Your Biannual Office Visit

Coming in for a twice-yearly examination and teeth cleaning is the other half of a proper preventative care routine. Because we are a small, intimate dental office, you will see Dr. Kainth every visit.

At this appointment, your mouth will be thoroughly examined for potential problems. You will also have an opportunity to ask Dr. Kainth any questions you may have about wellness issues.

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Dental health is not only about the wellness of your mouth but also the health of your body as a whole. For instance, studies have shown that the chronic inflammation associated with gum disease could have a negative impact on the body’s immune system.

To learn more about preventative care and wellness measures, schedule your personal consultation with Dr. Kainth today!

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