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Periodontal Care

Do you ever see pink in the sink when you’re brushing or flossing? Do you have sensitivity at your gum line? Like many people, you might ignore bleeding gums and sensitivity and write these symptoms off as normal or innocuous. The bad news is that these may be signs of gum disease – but the good news is that we can help!

Here at CoolBreeze Dentistry, we believe in preventative care to reduce your risk of developing gum disease. We also offer gentle, non-surgical treatments. If you suspect that you may have gum disease, call us at 972-432-8811 today to schedule a consultation.

What Is Gum Disease?

Gum disease is a chronic infection of the tissues surrounding the teeth. It is often the result of neglecting to remove plaque from the surface of your teeth through proper daily oral health care, but it’s also linked to several health conditions, hormonal changes, and genetics as well.

The beginning stage, called gingivitis, is typically easy to treat. If you have gingivitis, we can advise you on how to improve your at-home care routine. We can also recommend improvements in your brushing and flossing technique and suggest the best oral care products for your situation.

Unfortunately, when gum disease is allowed to progress without treatment, it can lead to serious health issues. Advanced gum disease, known as periodontitis, attacks the underlying bone structure. In fact, gum disease is the leading cause of dental bone loss and tooth loss in U.S. adults.

Gentle Treatment for Gum Disease

In order to stop the progression of gum disease, visit us at our Irving, TX dental office so that Dr. Kainth can design your personalized treatment plan.

We often recommend a deep-cleaning procedure known as scaling and root planing. Dr. Kainth carefully scrapes away tartar that has built up beneath the gum line. Then, we smooth away any roughness from the root surfaces to eliminate spaces where bacteria typically collect. Scaling and root planing is a routine procedure that can help restore your mouth to good health.

Gum Disease and Overall Wellness

One of our biggest concerns with periodontitis is that it can also have severe overall health consequences. In recent studies, it has been linked with potentially life-threatening illnesses including pancreatic cancer, heart disease, and diabetes. Additionally, expectant mothers with gum disease may be at greater risk of delivering a baby with low birth weight. We take your overall health seriously, which is why our office has such a strong focus on gum disease prevention and treatment.

Taking Action Against Gum Disease

At CoolBreeze Dentistry, we believe that the best way to fight gum disease is to stop it before it starts. Because we care about your health, we want to emphasize the importance of regular screening for gum disease. At your bi-annual visit, we’ll check your gum tissue for any signs of illness.

If an issue should arise, we’ll provide you with the education and care you need to get your periodontal health back on track.

To find out more about the prevention and treatment of gum disease, call us today to schedule a consultation.

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