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Digital X-rays

At CoolBreeze Dentistry, you’ll have access to the advanced technology required to keep you at your healthiest. One of the ways we use technology to keep you healthy is by making the switch digital x-rays. We believe that digital x-rays are superior to traditional dental x-rays for both health reasons and practical reasons.

What Is the Difference Between Traditional and Digital X-rays?

During a traditional x-ray, your dentist positions a dental tool called a bitewing in your mouth so that your teeth hold it firmly in place. The bitewing is the film for the x-ray. The film absorbs radiation from the x-ray device, which creates an image of your teeth.

With a digital x-ray, Dr. Kainth places a sensor in your mouth that appears to be similar to a bitewing; however, this sensor is electronic, while a bitewing is film. When exposed to a small amount of precisely concentrated radiation, the electronic sensor will capture digital images of your teeth and the other structures in your mouth. The image is then transferred to a computer screen.

What Are the Advantages of Digital X-rays?

The amount of radiation that you are exposed to during a traditional dental x-ray is very small – and that amount is even smaller during a digital x-ray! By professional estimates, digital x-rays offer 80-90% less radiation exposure than the traditional kind. This is in part because they can be performed much faster.

The efficiency of digital x-rays also means a faster and more comfortable x-ray experience – because we know you’d rather not sit in a dentist’s chair with an apparatus in your mouth for longer than necessary!

When your x-rays are in the form of digital images, they are clearer and easier for your dentist to view. Dr. Kainth can magnify the image, make it brighter, adjust the contrast, and use software to do whatever else is necessary to get the best view of your mouth. This makes for easier treatment planning and also allows Dr. Kainth to more effectively spot any potential problems.

Images in a digital format are also easier to store, which means we can more readily access and evaluate your records.

Why Do I Need an X-ray?

In some cases, x-rays are the best way to identify potential health problems. In fact, some problems – such as infection – can go unnoticed for long periods of time until they are revealed through x-ray images.

Dr. Kainth may also recommend x-rays so that he can better understand your dental anatomy. This understanding contributes to his ability to create the best comprehensive care plan for your unique situation.

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